Community Council Minutes 15/8/16


P Copland (Chairman) V Salvage (Vice Chairman) G Brown (Treasurer)
M Ashworth P Peddie W Buchan
E Hughes B Allan Cllr D Macgregor
Cllr E Riches Cllr J Docherty E Porteous

(Minute Secretary)


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St Monans Community Trust


The construction of the multi use games area (MUGA) is now underway. The first week or so will see the completion of the drainage. The next stage, due to start on April 4th, will be the erection of the fence, followed by the laying of the surface. Once the tarmac is laid there will be a gap of around three weeks to allow oxidation of the tarmac. During this time there will be no work going on at all, but the final stage, which will be the painting of the surface will happen during early May.

As in most construction projects the weather can affect the timings, but assuming reasonable weather, we should see the MUGA open for use sometime in May.

It has taken a long time to get to this stage and at times it looked as if it would not happen, so it is very pleasing to be able to actually see machinery working on site.

Beautiful St Monans

Beautiful St Monans & Beautiful Fife

At the recent meeting of the group, the question of entry to the “Beautiful Fife” competition came up. The general consensus was that we should not enter this coming year. We have lost several members of the group through retirement and another is leaving the village. It is felt that there are too few people left in the group to make competition entry viable. The village would still have the floral display, provided by the Beautiful St Monans group and the Community Council, that we have enjoyed for the last few years. With Fife Council cutbacks we do not know whether the beds at the top of the village will be planted this year or not.

By not entering the Beautiful Fife competition, we will lose the “Gold” sign at each end of the village.

It is the intention of the group to reduce the number of beds at the old station by removing the plants and grassing over the soil. This would immediately cut down on the amount of work required as apart from not having to look after these beds, Muir would then take back responsibility for the grass cutting in this area.

None of this is cast in stone! If you feel strongly that we should not come out of the competition, please feel free to phone Bill Porteous, 730458. However, a commitment to help look after the beds on a regular basis would be required from you.