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Open Houses

This year, we have a record number of open houses (20) and artists exhibiting (28)
– and it’s still growing, so it may be more by the time the doors open!

Festival venues
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1 Church Hall

2 Town Hall

3 Auld Kirk

4 West End Beach

5 27 King David Street

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Open House exhibitions

A. Karen Lindsay, 50 Newark Street
(enter from back via path from church)

Karen Lindsay’s take on it … ” a Social Worker by day, a singer by night, and a crafter of drift wood art, shabby chic furniture, retro clothes and shoes, scotty dug brooches, wee Bisom and Raskal T-shirts and hand made shell and heart necklaces”.

B. Martin F Salvage, 24 Braehead

A graduate of Glasgow School of Art and a resident of St Monans for over 18 years. Exhibited with ENOS, the Pittenweem Festival and elsewhere in Scotland; working in mixed medium, pen and ink, chalks, watercolour and occasionally in oils.

Original paintings and prints available from the studio at 24/25 Braehead, St Monans. Subjects include local views, quirky puffin scenes, seagulls on East Neuk roofs and ‘other humorous ideas originating from the right-hand side of my brain’.

C. John Lund, 33 West End (summer house)

“All my work for this year’s festival is taken from my sketchbook. I work mainly with ink, making marks quickly with a brush or pen. I always draw on location and this year I have been focusing on the fishing boats of Pittenweem and the the old rooftops and chimney pots overlooking the harbours of the East Neuk.”

D. Barbara Rowell, 32 West End

Artist Barbara Gardner-Rowell has an experimental approach and enjoys working with a diverse range of materials and processes. Her latest ‘find’ is cold wax medium, which is a soft wax that is mixed with oil paint to create different effects on the surface of the work.

‘I have always loved painting in oil, but it’s not very eco-friendly. In search of a more sustainable way of working, I decided to rework some canvases that were stacked at the back of my studio with the help of cold wax medium. It has qualities that allow me to cover light over dark, and incorporate layers, texture and incidental mark making which draw the viewer in to their hidden depths.’

E. Arthur Nuttall, 31 West End (garage)

“I grew up in Anstruther, went to the local schools and left the Waid Academy at 15 to go to the fishing; eventually had to give it up due to health; started a small fish business and retired in 2012; and since then have developed my artistic skills.”
Arthur’s exhibition is at 31 West End, and his art email address is

E. Helen Marshall, 31 West End (garage)

“I have always been interested in art but have only recently taken up painting, and have been really lucky to have been inspired and taught by local artists. Painting is great mental therapy -challenging but rewarding, and has changed the way I look at things. I would recommend it to anyone!”

F. Dave Smith, 5 West End

A few photos from Dave Smith. During the Arts Festival, you can see more of Dave’s images by visiting him at 5 West End. He also has a Facebook page ( and “an ice web site” (

G. Lesley Clark, Wee summerhouse by the harbour

“Inspiration comes from a variety of sources including the Fife Landscape,East Neuk and the Forth Estuary. The ever changing progression of flowers throughout the year is also a good source for Still Life. I look forward to being back at St Monans in September.”

H. David Kirk 26 West Shore

“What is often forgotten is that the only difference between digital and traditional photography is the recording medium. One can spend a great deal of money on a ‘pro’ digital kit – yet fail to take a single competent image. Equally, use of a cheap compact can potentially create a masterpiece. A photographer relies on his own technique, his own vision. Recognising the merits of both digital and film cameras, I seek to create images harnessing the strength of each medium.”

I. Brett Watson, 18 West Shore

Inspired by the landscape of Fife, Brett works mainly in watercolour and acrylic and is excited by the immediacy and clarity of colour achievable. This allows him to respond quickly and spontaneously to the changing conditions of light and colour within a landscape. His still life work offers the opportunity for more considered composition, where the tension between static forms creates drama and interest, the surface detail and patterns becoming more significant. Brett also produces prints, mainly from lino blocks, and here the reduction of forms and the control of line and colour are what interest him.

J. Jean Frame, 17 West Shore

K. James Mackinnon, 12 West Shore

“Born in Dunoon at a very early age – became a boy – went to school – went to Sunday school – played football – collected stamps – did boyish things. Qualified as an Architect from Robert Gordon’s School of Architecture. Practiced and taught Architecture at Dundee University. Retired some 20 years ago. Interested in skies – there are lots of them. Paints in watercolour things he likes that go with skies – usually boats. Exhibits regularly in Fife and outwith Fife. Member of Scottish Society of Architect Artists, (SSAA). Three times winner at Fife Annual Open Art Competition.

L. Peter Paterson, 8 West Shore

M. Avril Neagle & Sarah Honeyman, 2/3 Station Rd.

Avril trained in Fine art print-making and is a qualified Art Therapist. Avril’s prints and papercuts are inspired by a love of nature, the Coast and traditional stories which appeal to all ages.

N. Heather Cunningham 7 Station Road

“The East Neuk offers a plethora of beautiful images for all artists. It’s rocky sea shore flanked by 18th century pantiled cottages and the fertile fields of the ‘fringe o’ gowd’ provide an endless source of inspiration.”

N. Joan Creevy 7 Station Road

Joan is “looking forward to her third year at St Monans Community Arts Festival” 

N. Julia Neubauer 7 Station Road

Julia Neubauer produces a range of pure wool accessories under the name Chameleon. Her brightly coloured designs are heavily influenced by the North Pennines landscape where she lives and works. Each item is hand framed using an intricate, labour intensive and skilled process. Some of the items are then embellished using felt and embroidery. All are hand crafted from British spun pure wool, a natural fibre renowned for its warmth and resilience.The range includes, hats, scarves, wrist warmers, ponchos and neck warmers.

O. Angus Cameron, 15/2 Station Road

“I have always been interested in looking at paintings and having spent my career in science (specifically developing new medicines). I am now trying to create something artful. I have attended several of Edinburgh University’s “Open Learning” art courses and am learning a variety of techniques including watercolour, acrylics and mixed media. My specific interest is in creating abstract works (probably due to my difficulty in drawing anything lifelike!).”

O. Susan Forsyth, 15/2 Station Road

“I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1993 and I have combined painting and teaching with bringing up a family in the beautiful East Neuk of Fife. My work focuses mainly on local landscapes especially the sea. I enjoy painting outside and working mainly with a palette knife for the richly textured qualities of impasto that can be achieved as well as the essential element of speed when working outside in Scotland. 
I run local Art classes, workshops and exhibit with St Andrews Art Club and East Neuk Open Studios.”

O. Ben Silk, 15/2 Station Road

Ben Silk creates stunning wooden gifts and practical art. His current work combines vintage glass and earthenware with wood that is full of natural character, often locally sourced.

P. Ann Watson, 7 Midshore

“Who needs mindfulness when they have Art! I have been painting now for 14 years and have discovered it’s totally absorbing and obliterates the stress and worries of every day life. I have been inspired and taught by a few local artists and am delighted to see Art is flourishing in St Monans. My work is influenced by my surroundings. Mainly the sea with its changing mood and colour. My paintings have been described as happy and lively. Hopefully people feel that when they view my exhibition.”

Q. Paul Graham, 12 Midshore

“Born in 1963 Paul Graham grew up in Glasgow and has developed a very successful award winning photographic career that has taken him all over the world and has helped him develop style of painting influenced by his experiences. Painting by the direct observation of his subject. Working outside throughout the year and in all weather conditions has developed a quick and spontaneous way of working. Working with oils on linen with a palette knife in allaprima he tries to capturethe moment and the colours that are in front of him, with a fresh contemporary and dramatic application of paint. His paintings are quickly growing in popularity with collectors throughout the world.”

R. Carole Shaw, Loft House, 12 George Terrace

“I make wind chimes and wall hangings from drift wood and sea glass, and earrings and bookmarks with the sea glass and pottery that I find on the beach. I am an Occupational Therapist and use crafting as a therapeutic tool. Beach-combing and finding materials and then creating something with them is extremely therapeutic, and I have always believed that everyone is creative – they just need to have a go … ”

S. Stephanie Miller, 21 George Terrace

Stef is an American born artist who lives in St Monans with her husband, a native Scotsman. Oil is her preferred medium, and much of her work is inspired by the beauty of our local scenery. Her favorite subjects are landscapes, seascapes and local landmarks. Stef is a graduate of Drexel University, Philadelphia, where she studied art and psychology.

S. Elaine Porteous, 21 George Terrace

T. Shawn Gilmour, 9 Hope Place

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