Welcome to the 2020 St Monans Community Arts Festival.

We can’t hold our usual Open Studios this year, but we are going to feature some of our local artists with their Online Studios – videos and web pages featuring their work.

Our first artist is Anne Christie, who made this video with a little help from her grandson …


You can download a price list for Anne’s work here

Our next featured artist is Teresa Kemp

Next in our St Monans Community Arts Festival Online Studios is Arthur Nuttall ..


Continuing our St Monans Community Arts Festival Online Studios, we have a selection of art from local artist John Lund

And an antipodean assembly of art from Ann Watson, whose trip to New Zealand has turned out to be slightly longer than expected …

A few photos of St Monans landscapes, wildlife and more from Dave Smith

New kid on the block … Nathan Earnshaw

Mary Johnstone

View Mary’s video on facebook … https://www.facebook.com/stmonans/videos/1811728665644742/
(Facebook’s music licensing restrictions mean it can’t be embedded on a web page)

Norma Allan