Community Council Minutes 15/9/2014

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Burgh of St Monans and Abercrombie Community Council held on Monday, 15 September 2014 at 7.30 pm.



A Anderson (Chairman) G Brown (Treasurer) R Craib (Secretary) M Ashworth
E Hughes P Copland


W Buchan

Cllr J Docherty



Cllr Riches

Members of the public: 4

Action / Person Responsible
1 Welcome and Apologies

The Chairman welcomed everyone.

Apologies: Cllr D Macgregor,V. Bland, E.Scott and E.Porteous

2 Declarations of Interest

A Anderson declared an interest in the Planning Application for

50 Station Road, St Monans, and left the Chair for the discussion of the Application.

3 Last Minutes and Matters Arising

3.1(4.5) There is to be an inspection by Deirdrie Munro and Robbie Blyth.

3.2(4.6)Bollard has been removed

3.3(8.1) A. Anderson is still awaiting a full response. Situation on overnight parking beside cemetery is being monitored.

3.4 (8.3) Our manual roadsweeper has been off sick and FC have no funding to employ cover so only roadsweeping vehicle is being used. Following comments on this machine emitting dust behind it, Cllr Riches said that she would ask about this.

3.5 (8.5) The mosaics are soon to be erected at Abercrombie Court and the primary school.

3.6 (8.7) Still being pursued

3.7 (9.1) This is in hand

3.8 (9.4) Ongoing.






The Minutes of the previous Ordinary Meeting of the Burgh of

St Monans and Abercrombie Community Council, held on Monday, 18 August 2014, were approved.

Proposer                                                      Seconder

G.Brown                                                          W.Buchan










Cllr Riches





















4 Chairperson’s Report

The Chairperson thanked all who had worked hard to organise and support the recent Community Arts Festival which had been a great success, especially in attracting so many visitors to the village.

He had received an invitation for a CC representative to attend a meeting about Emergency Planning. Our CC had already had a visit from someone on this topic and, following an article in Loaves and Fishes, it was ascertained that there was not sufficient interest in the village to form such a group. He will therefore decline the invitation.

5 Secretary’s Report

Last East Neuk Forum meeting.

1.G.Brown gave a slide presentation on St Monans’s involvement at Chelsea Flower Show.

2 ENCAP. We were given a presentation by Lesley Campbell and Colin Roxburgh of Star Development Group looking at ways of supporting East Neuk Communities in developing projects which could help sustain our communities in the future. LC and CR will visit St Monans on Monday 22nd September to meet with representatives of various groups in St Monans. R.Craib and A.Anderson to contact and invite those not already spoken to.

  1. Faster Broadband. BT are currently updating green boxes with a view to local villages receiving faster broadband connections. Some smaller villages will not be helped, including Abercrombie, and they have been encouraged to get together and make a joint application. M. Ashworth to make contact for Abercrombie.


Following information received:

Invite to East Neuk Centre Trust Annual Meeting on 30th September at 7pm in Anstruther Town Hall

Fife Access Evening Seminar in Fife House on 7th October.


East Neuk First Responders have offered to hold further public awareness training. R.Craib will enquire about a suitable date to hold it in Church Hall and report back.

























6. Treasurer’s Report

Accounts issued. Only significant change is to the floral display fund. Flowers will be removed soon as the funds will not allow for further watering.

7. Planning

7.1 Bowhouse ( Balcaskie Estate) They have appealed against an 8am –  8pm restriction as this would not suit all businesses such as the bakery.

7.2 50 Station Road. ( A.Anderson left the CC) The amended plan was looked at. It now has no large window, there is a height reduction of approximately 0 .5 metres and the double doors will be single.

As yet there is no landscape plan of the garden provided.

The CC decided that there were not sufficient amendments for them to withdraw their objection.

( A.Anderson returned to CC)

8 Public Questions

8.1  Cemetery

Moles have been reported in cemetery. A.Anderson will include in his next communication to Liz Murphy

8.2 Building to West of Manse. CC were asked if they had had any updated communication as some ground testing has started. None at this time.

8.3 Update on scatter flats in St Monans was requested. Cllr Riches to confirm number

8.4 Bus timetables. Complaints about close timings of 95 and X60 and also school A1 coaches running late for school delivery. Cllrs reported that there are ongoing talks between FC and bus companies.

8.5 Road repairs are about to start at the top of St Monans.

8.6 Drains on Abercrombie Road are sinking. P.Copland to follow up.

8.7 Query about lack of grass cutting on the banking at the Station Road end of Braehead . R.Craib to contact Ian Barbour

8.8 Concern raised about safety issues at Top Shop junction on Station Road. Cllrs to ask for safety suggestions from relevant authorities.




A Anderson




Cllr Riches













Cllr Riches


9.1 A bollard has been removed from the end of Rose Street allowing vehicular access to the park area and potentially causing even more damage to the grass area there. Cllr Docherty to investigate


9.2 A report that the public toilets are not being opened every day. R.Craib to contact Damien Woods

9.3 Report of overflowing bins and rubbish lying. W.Buchan to contact Waste Aware. A reminder was given that anyone can contact Waste Aware and it is better to do it as soon as the problem is spotted. Our experience is that Waste Aware respond quickly and efficiently to requests.

9.4 Question about defibrillator at harbour. G.Brown reported that he is still trying to find a suitable spot with a power supply.

Some extra suggestions were given to him to look into.

9.5 Heritage Centre.

Since the lease for the Heritage Centre building ran out last year, we are leasing it on a yearly basis at currently £2300 per annum. As there is a possibility that this lease could be terminated if the owner decided to sell the property, other options need to be investigated. The Green Door café is Station road is currently being put up for sale by FC. G.Brown is to contact FC to ask if there may be a chance of leasing that instead as a home for the Heritage Collection

9.6 Village Information Map replacement. A graphic designer who has a house in the village has offered to make a new map for £857.

He could also redo boards at the Salt Pans, Windmill and a potential new board about Miller’s boatyard.

Samples of his work were circulated and received positively. G. Brown will now ask him to provide drawings.

9.7 Cllr Riches reported that some 450 holiday homes in the area are now being classed as business properties. Their FC bins will soon be removed and, as business owners paying business rates, will be told to organise their own rubbish collection.

9.8 Cllr Docherty reported as a Board member of the “ Health and Social Care Integration Board”

There is joint working between NHS Fife and Fife Council to promote

  • Healthier living
  • Independent living
  • Positive experiences and outcomes
  • Aiming to provide a good quality of service with continuous improvement
  • Identification of health inequalities
  • Supported carers, both FC/NHS and relatives
  • People are safe
  • Engaged workforce
  • Effective use of resources to deliver the above


Cll Docherty has asked that a monthly update be sent to all CCs.






Cllr Docherty





10 Close and Date of Next Meeting

The Chairman thanked everyone and closed the meeting.


The next meeting will be on Monday, 20 October 2014 at 7.30 pm in the

Mayview Hotel Function Suite preceded by the AGM at 7pm


Letter received

I am writing to say how impressed we were during our holiday in St.Monans last week.

We thought the Burgh was beautiful – so very neat and tidy everywhere, with beautiful flowers and plants.  I read somewhere there are litter pickers which seems an excellent idea. The Wellie Garden is amazing and something we’ve never seen before.  We were ashamed to think that this type of community effort could not happen here in our town.  For one thing not all, but some of the younger element of the town, would destroy such a thing whether through boredom or for dare or devilment.

There has actually been correspondence in our local paper this week complaining about the lack of floral displays in our town – not that many years ago we were winning Britain in Bloom.

We also thought everyone was very friendly – everyone spoke to us when we were in St. Monans or walking on the coastal paths.

We did our best to support the local Spar shop and did almost all of our shopping there – being as we were self-catering.  Janet and her colleagues were lovely giving us tips and weather forecasts!

We hope it won’t be too long before we come back.

Yours sincerely,

Irene and Mike Woollacott